Thursday, July 3, 2008

that'll do pig...that'll do

ok so here we are with 3 more feet of fence (and a door) added to the top thus making the chicken pen 6 feet tall. getting the chickens in this time was easy. i opened the door there and cornered them then they walked right in.

the next few days will prove if the problem has been solved as i'm sure they will test the weak spots. in fact i saw them huddled under the coop earlier today planning their escape. just like in 70's soccer film "victory" starring sly stallone, michael caine and pele.

the last shot here symbolizes the constant reminder of the city that is always just a watertower away from our little farm...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

back to the drawing board

the plan was simple: designate a small area behind the shed where the chickens could poop wherever they wanted to. so i start by catching all 8 birds (with the help of the expert bird wrangler moonpie) and clipping a few inches of feathers off their right wing. not too tough and only a couple of bleeders. well i had the summer interns out to help as we built up two pieces of 3' tall fencing and a 4'x4' elevated chicken coop. james, phil, and the other phil did much of the fence and i made short work of the coop then spent the rest of the day re-catching chickens and chunking them into their new "home".

two hours later and all but the rooster had escaped back into general population. apparently a clipped yardbird can still fly over a 3' fence...

tomorrow morning we'll add another 3' feet to the fence and if that doesn't work i'm tying rocks to the chicken's kneecaps.