Sunday, November 30, 2008

$1,630 and counting.

Dylin and I bought some headlights today from AutoZone and I put some steel wool to the grill and headlight frames. Nice.




Moonpie and Buddy.

Even though it's not a Chevy, Dlyin made a "bow tie" for the front.

The Jalopy

You'd think I didn't have anything going on since I haven't reported for several months but in fact we have recently enjoyed our two year anniversary in our beloved yellow house. (I will be posting some comparison shots soon). Besides that I recently acquired a pick up that was on the list of cars I'd like to own ('64 Impala SS, 67-69 Camaro, '63 Caddy, etc) This one is a 1971 GMC C1500 longbed custom. I plan to keep a running tally of what I do to the truck in order to keep things straight and so that I don't become distracted and end up turning it into an art car.

-Paid $1,500 for it. Bought it off a nice guy named Scott in Cedar Park and drove it 150 miles the first day. (Wouldn't start the next morning. More on that later.)
-Drivetrain. Fairly tight rebuilt stock 350 5.7L V8 engine. Smooth 3 speed tranny. Headers. 4 barrel carb. Flowmasters.
-Brand new tires and rally wheels that don't look too bad.
-Wood bed! I love wood beds.
-Long bed. The 64-72 Chevys are the only longbeds I prefer. Yeah SWBs are great but overrated and over priced in my opinion.
-The color. I like the two-tones and I wanted either blue, orange or green. Happy to have a blue one.
-In my limited opinion this truck has much less rust (and bondo) than one I could have paid over twice as much for. I think I'll be able to set it up for a paint job only needing a few holes filled and a driver-side rocker panel.

-I have yet to get the full story but it seems as though the truck was near a fire at some time as the windshield is badly cracked and even separated and the park light lenses are melted.
-A windshield repacement is gonna set me back at least $250 and from what I've read about the job it's a pain.
-The starter has died and needs replacing. Besides that it looks covered in oil and I'm wondering if that had anything to do with it's death. The problem there is that I don't want more oil leakage to destroy a new starter.
-I had to shell out $85 on a new battery.
-Needs new headlights and aux light lenses all the way around minus the tail lights.
-Leaking from the rear differential.
-Leaking steering fluid.
-No power brakes or power steering.
-I tested the parking brake only to have it engage and refuse to disengage.
-Door locks need replacing and may not work once I do.
-Passenger door needs a new exterior handle.
-Outside trim molding is 80% there but pretty beat up.
-Steering wheel off a early-90's GMC.

As for the interior it's really not a plus or a minus. Mostly all still factory so I'm glad it hasn't been messed with but no air (maybe a heater) and no radio. The rest of the glass is in pretty good shape and won't need to be replaced.

My overall goal is to have a daily driver that will allow us to have what it is: a truck. I won't mess with the interior other than to clean it and have the doors able to lock so I can keep things inside the cab.