Saturday, December 27, 2008

get to work!

I got to spend a couple of hours last week at Christ Church Brenham taking down an old carport and some other stuff. It's good to have the truck do more than just look pretty! (8 foot beds rule.)

leaks and legality

It's been a couple of weeks but in that time the truck is now roadworthy. It began with a new starter from AutoZone. I found out in getting it that the engine in this truck is not the original but instead a 1975 350 v8. Anyway I replaced the starter myself and was stoked at how easy and cheap it was until I left the starter-to-battery cable touching a header and it shorted out and melted the negative battery cable clear off. I had my friend Alex pull me to Allan's Automotive where I had them replace the wires and take care of a transmission fluid leak. Once they got it running again I took the truck to Mill Creek Glass here in town where those guys put in a new windshield.
So it passed inspection and I've been driving it almost daily.
Next on the list of leaks to fix is a lower radiator hose. Besides that one the rear differential needs a new gasket and the oil pan looks like it could use one too. (I'm really having to fight myself to not replace all these parts with chrome plated ones. What can I say? I like shiny stuff.)