Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back to Pedaling...

We had a few good months of Moto-cycling around the greater Washington County area but the darn thing was starting to sit more than it should so I'm back to the original cruiser.

More back story: I bought the Sabre for $4,000, then put about $250 into it. I started thinking about selling when I noticed I was only getting 35 mpg on it. So I put it up on craigslist on Thursday morning and by Friday night it was gone. Sold for $5,200.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Not exactly plumb"

With a backyard of escaping chicks, naked toddlers, and poison ivy growing in the bushes we decided it was time to take down the 6' chainlink fence and put up a privacy fence.

Here are the important #s:

*1,200 - dollars that the gov. gave us back as an economic stimulus

*1,785.32 - dollars we spent for materials and equipment rentals

*233 - feet of new fence put up

*34 - 2' deep holes for posts dug with a one man auger

*497 - dog ear fence pickets used

*2,500 - nails used to attach the pickets

*52 - hours spent on the job

The best part of this project was after completing the job with no other help than Mandi carrying pickets was having a church member drive by and say from out his car window, "not exactly plumb." Thanks church member.

We're already enjoying the fence as the chicks have full access to the entire backyard, "Texas" the kitty won't wander off and the family can pee whenever we feel like it!