Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Jalopy

It's been about four months since I purchased the Jalopy and I'd like to say she's running great but after a water pump replacement last week there is currently a belt alignment issue that needs to be looked at by somebody who knows what they're doing! Of course, at least we're remaining consistent by needing everything to be done at least twice before it's done right. But over all she's looking pretty good these days. Recently replaced: water pump (grr), Edelbrock carb, shocks all around, rear differential cover, just about every hose imaginable, and 3" chrome rings for the wheels. For fun I have replaced the stock front spindles with lowered ones and replaced the stock rear shackles with lowered ones as well. The rear is now just about 2 inches higher than I'd prefer so I'll try to remove a leaf spring and see what that does. We also sound-deadened the interior, cleaned up the guage cluster, and re-upholstered the bench seat. Just about completely done with the interior! Smells much better now and is a bit quieter.

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